Series of K-Force trailers for Wijnia

The new order only proves that there is a great connection between Kraker and Wijnia. Since 2009, Kraker is able to count the transport company, that has a branch in the Netherlands and one in Germany, amongst its customer base.


Almost every consecutive year, Wijnia ordered new Kraker vehicles. Until 2006, the vehicles ordered were CF-200s but since the introduction of the K-Force, Wijnia chooses the latter.

Five new K-Forces for Wijnia The five K-Forces on order have the following options:

  • BPW-axles with drum brakes
  • Floor system with remote control and B-operation instead of the standard E-operation. The E-operation involves electric on/off and loading/unloading which is also the case for the B-operation but for the latter, the choice for loading/unloading has to be made manually by means of a handle
  • Plastic end caps on the floor boards
  • Landing with two stairs and a door on the side of the co-driver
  • Rollfix tarp to protect the side of the trailer during loading
  • Cleaning cubes in the runner track of the movable bulkhead